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[UPDATE] March 18, 2009 – Return in 4 Days

Kay to be back in 4 days…. countdown please…. lol 😀

I come with some fun scoopage (WG news you haven’t heard anywhere else), little subbed video clips (forgot I had them done), old/rare videos (kept meaning to post them), and email responses to everyone who has been contacting me at but I haven’t replied to in a decade (really really sorry to all of you!).

This may or may not be a temporary/permanent return. We’ll play it by ear as we always do here at wgjjang.

❤ Kay

P.S. I missed you all! ^^



[VIDEO] JYP Tour 2009 Commercial

It looks like JYPE has released a commercial for the tour! 🙂

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[NEWS] Another MTV Iggy Post from the Wonder Girls

Post #5: “The Wonder Girls Prepare from Seoul!”


Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing well!  Sorry for the late update…

As you may all know, we’re back in Korea. We’ve been busy with events here in Seoul and just generally preparing for our concerts coming up in the next few weeks.  We also have concert rehearsals and English lessons every day, so it keeps us very busy! We miss L.A. so much but we’ll be back soon!!

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[NEWS] Ningin Contest #3- Poster Art

Ningin’s Wonder Girls Contest #3 is due on March 23, 11:59 EST.

The Article has been copy&pasted below

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[NEWS] Wonder Girls post on Ningin Again!

Post #3: February 18, 2009

“Thank You”

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[NEWS] Ningin Contest #2: Lasting Impressions



5 winners: Autographed Wonder Girls merchandise. Winners can choose one (1) item from a pool of autographed t-shirts, posters, cds, or whatever else we have in stock.

Ningin will select the five best blog posts from all the entries. Winning blog posts will also be posted on on March 21st.


The low-down on this contest…

You have to write a blog (myspace & facebook are a-okay too) about the Wonder Girls. They suggest writing about “why you love them, when you first heard their music, and why you became a Wonderful.” Basically, something persuasive that might help some random reader be a fan too.

The full article is posted below. 🙂

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[NEWS] Wonder Girls WG Take Top Honor at Seoul Music Awards

‘Top Award’ Winning Wonder Girls Take “Award Given by the Nation”.. Sobbing Tears
By Kim JiYeon @ Star MoneyToday

The group Wonder Girls, who won the top award at the ‘18th Annual Seoul Music Awards’, accepted their prize as an award given to them by the citizens of Korea and promised to work harder in the future as they shed tears.
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