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[NEWS] SunYe and Park TaeHwan Matched Again

Another dating rumor has hit Wonder Girls’ leader SunYe and Olympic gold medalist swimmer Park Tae Hwan.

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[NEWS] Wonder Girls’ Messages to Fans at Busan Concert

Below are the Wonder Girls’ messages to their fans at the end of the Busan concert. SunMi, SunYe, and YeEun were apparently bawling in tears at that point. SARANGHAEYO, WONDER GIRLS!!

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[NEWS] Wonder Girls Given Tour Offer

This is a wgjjang exclusive. Please do not post elsewhere.

Mostly Bi (a.k.a Rain or Jeong JiHoon) fans populated the Hawaii courtroom on Monday, March 16, 2009, which is why this little Wonder Girls-related tidbit got lost in the hype of the court trial.

Luckily, a good Bi-fan friend passed me on the news for this wgjjang exclusive. Here’s a hint as to what it was:

Wonder Girls & Jonas Brothers

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[NEWS] Ningin Contest #3- Poster Art

Ningin’s Wonder Girls Contest #3 is due on March 23, 11:59 EST.

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[NEWS] Ningin Contest #2: Lasting Impressions



5 winners: Autographed Wonder Girls merchandise. Winners can choose one (1) item from a pool of autographed t-shirts, posters, cds, or whatever else we have in stock.

Ningin will select the five best blog posts from all the entries. Winning blog posts will also be posted on on March 21st.


The low-down on this contest…

You have to write a blog (myspace & facebook are a-okay too) about the Wonder Girls. They suggest writing about “why you love them, when you first heard their music, and why you became a Wonderful.” Basically, something persuasive that might help some random reader be a fan too.

The full article is posted below. 🙂

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[Project] Contribute to a Wonderful Valentine’s Day Card

Ningin is hosting a project where wonderfuls can get their names printed on a Valentine’s Day card to the Wonder Girls! You better hurry, contributions to the card will only be accepted until midnight of Friday, February 13, 2009!

The low-down on how to contribute:

1. You need a Ningin account

2. Send a private message to “wg_valentines”

3. Include your Name, Age, City, & State. (If you’re not in the USA, just provide your Country instead of State)

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[NEWS] Wonder Girls are Back in Korea

Time for a collective “Aww….”

But don’t worry guys, they’ll be back in the states for the JYP Tour 2009!

So, the girls posted in their Ningin blog again. (Post #2)

Here’s a breakdown of their post:

+ They’re back in Seoul and they’re jetlagged

+ They’re going to sleep a lot today

+ They miss Los Angeles

+ They promoted the Wonder Girls’ Dance Contest

+ YeEun received a gift package from “kimmiemai”


So, they’re back safe & sound in Seoul.

2/10/09 (*wink, wink) must’ve gone by very quickly with the giant time gap.

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