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[SUBS] Wonder Girls @ The Star Show (08.06.09)

Translations have been fixed and added to create improved subtitles for this touching, heart-warming episode of The Star Show (08.06.09) with the Wonder Girls. Download links are below the streaming videos. Re-download recommended for those with the older version.

Watch as the five-member girl group reveal new sides to themselves. Laugh with them as they share a hilarious new insight into singer/producer/boss Park JinYoung. Commiserate with YooBin as she is saddened/frustrated by YeEun and the other members. Drink in all the other wonderful little insights about each member. And see them share from their sincere, loving hearts at the end. You may laugh, you may cry, and you will be left wanting more. It’s the Wonder effect. ^^

Star Show Part 1/7

Star Show Part 2/7

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