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[NEWS] SunYe and Park TaeHwan Matched Again

Another dating rumor has hit Wonder Girls’ leader SunYe and Olympic gold medalist swimmer Park Tae Hwan.

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[NEWS] YooBin’s Exercise Plan Makes Top News

YooBin of the Wonder Girls was creating headlines yesterday as the media took huge interest in her concern about her body weight and new exercise plan.

The news that YooBin revealed on a radio program came out as the #2 story on Daum (see capture below). It also was reported by a huge breadth of media outlets. This is displaying the huge star power that is now known as the Wonder Girls.

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[NEWS] SunYe Involved In Car Accident With ‘120 People’

Wonder Girls’ leader, Min SunYe, was the victim of a hit-and-run vehicle incident on Jan. 7. The singer was not in the car at the time and sustained no injuries, however the entire group was late for a scheduled fan meeting by 40 minutes.

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