[NEWS] Ningin Contest #3- Poster Art

Ningin’s Wonder Girls Contest #3 is due on March 23, 11:59 EST.

The Article has been copy&pasted below

I don’t know if you guys have caught the theme we’ve been using but contest #1 uses video and contest #2 uses blogs. Thiscontest #3 uses photos and artwork. That makes a trifecta of user generated content. The Wonder Girls series of contest is about rewarding you Wonderful fans for creating media that will help set the stage for the eventual Wonder Girls American debut. The reward of course being personal autographed items from the Wonder Girls themselves, the most valued gifts any fan could receive.

Anyway Contest #3 has a pretty interesting twist. The idea is for you to create your own Wonder Girl posters and upload it to a photo sharing site like Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, etc. We select what we feel is the top three. We blow it up and print it. Then we give it to the Wonder Girls to sign before we send it to you. Think about that for a sec. Ningin is giving Wonderfuls an opportunity to create their own autographed Wonder Girlsposter!! Even by our standards, this is a pretty unique contest.

You can use whatever photos you want, whatever colors — pretty much anything goes. However, don’t use nude photos of yourself. Keep it clean folks. The size of the poster needs to 8.5 inch by 11 inch exactly. 300 dpi. No bleeds (if you don’t know what that all this stuff means, don’t worry about it). You have until end of day, March 23rd to submit something.

Here is a zip file with some hi-res Wonder Girl photos for you to use. [check on the source link for this]

Again the goal is to spread the word about the Wonder Girls and make new Wonder Girls fans. So after you uploaded your poster to a photo sharing site, make sure to tell your friends so they can admire both your artwork and the Wonder Girls beauty. Then you send a private message to wg_contest_3 with your name, address, phone, and link to your photo.

Contest Summary:


3 winners, will have their posters printed and signed by the Wonder Girls.

We’ll ask for the hi-res or Photoshop file from you if you win.


1. Create an 8.5”x11” poster Wonder Girls poster.
2. Upload it to a photo sharing community like Flickr, Myspace, or Facebook.
3. Send your name, address, and poster link via private message to wg_contest_3.

Note, you need to register if you haven’t already to private message someone.


Starts: Now!
Ends: 11:59pm EST on March 23th.
Winner announced: March 25th.


Source: http://blog.ningin.com/2009/02/23/wonder-girls-contest-3-poster-art/


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