[NEWS] Wonder Girls on Ningin

It looks like our girls have begun another blog. This time it’s on Ningin.

I’ve copy&pasted their first post below.


“Our WONDERFUL LA Trip!” (02.06.09)

Hi Everyone!

This is our very first post on Ningin and we’re so happy to be able to put our very FIRST post while we’re here in the states!
Yup! As some of you guys may know, we have been in LA this past week. And actually, it’s Grammy week right now so besides our main reason for being here…it’s a secret for now…sorry! :(, we were invited to some great events.
We had the amazing opportunity to attend the 2009 Grammy Art Exhibition: Worlds On Fire invited by Will.I.Am!!!
And yes! We were finally able to see him in person! He was really nice and the artwork that we saw was so amazing!

Although Sun Ye wanted to keep one of the artwork for herself, that did not happen. Oh well…

It’s been a pretty crazy week, meeting sooooo many people but we’re having so much fun too! And to know that we have so many fans here in the US…we were just talking about how lucky and thankful we are.

Okay. Time to go to bed!

Wonderful dreams everyone!

The Wonder Girls


Credit: http://wondergirls.ningin.com/

(You can even comment on the post! The JYP TOUR 2009 Ningin blog has an article that states that the girls have been checking out their blog and have read some comments!– credit: http://blog.ningin.com/2009/02/09/jyp-tour-2009-let-the-good-times-begin/)


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