Wonder Girls and T-Mobile

A friend of mine recently purchased a Samsung Memoir from T-Mobile (hand phone company in USA) and guess what she found inside the userguide?

It is a bit sad that the phone lacks Korean language support and so you cannot identify the artist presumably labeled 원더걸스 (Wonder Girls) but instead looks like broken characters. Also lacks album art, but oh well. At least our girls are sneaking their way into the American market somehow. *Taeyang hat tip to Vicky @ HQBB*

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SE7EN | YG Entertainment | Verizon Wireless
BoA | SM Entertainment | AT&T Wireless
Wonder Girls | JYP Entertainment | T-Mobile

[News] Wonder Girls Moving to NEW YORK


Wonder Girls will be arriving at JFK Airport at 8pm on 1st April 2009

Reason: To makes the girls feel welcome to their new home

PLEASE PM Dorkiee at Soompi or Spectacle forums to confirm if you’re going to welcome the girls at the airport.

[SUBS] Wonder Girls @ So YuJin’s FM Inkigayo Radio (08.10.15)

UPDATE 3/28/09: There will be three TWO more subbed cuts from this radio show that I have to upload. Enjoy :). Downloads below the video.

Cut 1
Focuses on YooBin (YB) and YeEun (YE). SunYe (SY) talks a bit. And So YuJin is (DJ).

Cut 2
Focuses on YeEun (YE) and SunMi (SM). SunYe (SY) and YooBin (YB) chime in here and there. So YuJin is (DJ). Added song lyrics translation to this one so it took longer.

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[NEWS] SunYe and Park TaeHwan Matched Again

Another dating rumor has hit Wonder Girls’ leader SunYe and Olympic gold medalist swimmer Park Tae Hwan.

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[NEWS] Wonder Girls’ Messages to Fans at Busan Concert

Below are the Wonder Girls’ messages to their fans at the end of the Busan concert. SunMi, SunYe, and YeEun were apparently bawling in tears at that point. SARANGHAEYO, WONDER GIRLS!!

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[NEWS] Training Life at JYP Entertainment

This is a wgjjang exclusive. Please do not post elsewhere.

Inside the courtroom trial of Bi and JYP Entertainment vs. Click Entertainment, JYPE Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Byeon SangBong revealed details about the education that JYPE trainees receive in their years there. 

Min SunYe, Ahn SoHee, and SunMi received this JYPE training system for years, while Park YeEun and Kim YooBin later joined in. Wonderful fans always were allowed glimpses of their training through video clips on various shows, but only their singing and dancing were showcased at those times. 

So what other types of education do these stars-in-training receive? Continue to find out!

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[NEWS] Wonder Girls Given Tour Offer

This is a wgjjang exclusive. Please do not post elsewhere.

Mostly Bi (a.k.a Rain or Jeong JiHoon) fans populated the Hawaii courtroom on Monday, March 16, 2009, which is why this little Wonder Girls-related tidbit got lost in the hype of the court trial.

Luckily, a good Bi-fan friend passed me on the news for this wgjjang exclusive. Here’s a hint as to what it was:

Wonder Girls & Jonas Brothers

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[UPDATE] March 18, 2009 – Return in 4 Days

Kay to be back in 4 days…. countdown please…. lol 😀

I come with some fun scoopage (WG news you haven’t heard anywhere else), little subbed video clips (forgot I had them done), old/rare videos (kept meaning to post them), and email responses to everyone who has been contacting me at wgjjang@gmail.com but I haven’t replied to in a decade (really really sorry to all of you!).

This may or may not be a temporary/permanent return. We’ll play it by ear as we always do here at wgjjang.

❤ Kay

P.S. I missed you all! ^^


[VIDEO] JYP Tour 2009 Commercial

It looks like JYPE has released a commercial for the tour! 🙂

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[NEWS] Another MTV Iggy Post from the Wonder Girls

Post #5: “The Wonder Girls Prepare from Seoul!”


Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing well!  Sorry for the late update…

As you may all know, we’re back in Korea. We’ve been busy with events here in Seoul and just generally preparing for our concerts coming up in the next few weeks.  We also have concert rehearsals and English lessons every day, so it keeps us very busy! We miss L.A. so much but we’ll be back soon!!

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